The Church of God in Trumann, AR was organized around 1918 by Bro. Pinckley. It was in 1933 that the little building that the congregation had been using burned. While a natural fire had destroyed their meeting house, a “Holy Fire” was aflame in their souls that gave those precious saints a greater determination to press on in their evangelistic labors in the community. The church relocated to Paschal St. and utilized a building there for many years.

Although the building itself could not compare to many of the other church buildings in town at that time, it did not hinder old fashioned Holy Ghost outpourings of the Spirit upon that congregation, nor did it seem to keep those who were hungry for a blessing from God to enter that little church house. Some of our senior saints whom we are privileged to still have with us today, have testified of many memorable services in that former building on Paschal St. That little flock located on Paschal St. continued to grow not only spiritually, but numerically as others too sought to walk in the Light of God’s Word and believe and practice It’s teachings.

The Church of God at Long's Chapel


In 1967 another milestone took place for the Church of God on Paschal St. The small Church of God flock that had been meeting at what was known as Long’s Chapel came together with the members on Paschal St. in Trumann to be one congregation. It was in that same year under the care of Bro. Paul Lawrence  the building on Paschal St. was sold and God blessed as all the members pulled together to build a new building several blocks away. Over the years the Church at Long’s Chapel and the Church located in Trumann were honored to have many wonderful ministers serve the congregation as their pastor. 

Our Present Building


Once again in 1997 the church realized the need to build another worship facility. The church launched a great task of relocating at the corner of Balcom Lane and Industrial Drive. Miraculously, within just a few short months we were able to worship in our much larger facility.


In 2006 Pastor Michael Jernigan and his family returned to Trumann after having served as pastor in Mountain View, AR to become our Pastor. We have witnessed the Lord do many wonderful things over the past several years. We are endeavoring to continue to move forward with a heart to Reach Out to the lost and hurting; Teach Them about God’s Grace, Mercy and Truth; and Keep Them in the love of God and fellowship of the saints.